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Welcome!  I'm Leann, and I'm an expert in what I like to call 'mid-life renovations.'


The past few years I have been making midlife renovations when it comes to my health.


It all started when I had gone to my doctor for my yearly exam, told her that I had been experiencing so many weird issues this past year - weight gain, not being able to sleep, the “blahs”, totally exhausted by mid-day.


Her response to me was “Well, Leann…you are 50 now. This is part of it."  As much as I love her and respect her, this pissed me off.  What?  I suddenly turn 50, have taken excellent care of myself for most of my adult life, turn 50, and now I need to accept my age and crappy feelings?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that we should accept this.  I sure didn't.    

I believe in hope, positivity, and the ability to make progress... at any age.

There's nothing magical about turning 40, 50, 60, 70...  you can feel healthy and vibrant at any age, if you take care of your body.


In my twenties, the challenges I faced back then fade into insignificance compared with the challenges I face now. I had endless energy, and if I needed to lose a pound or two, well, I’d simply quit eating the extra large Snickers and make my big gulp Dr. Pepper a small size. 


While facing the menopause storm that has been my life the past few years, it’s not a wonder I’ve often been left feeling like some crazy lady who has lost control of her life. But once I began to realize what might be happening, I began my quest for figuring it all out, and started making some mental and physical shifts to forge through it. 


Now, my mission is to help other women to navigate wellness at any age, so that they can feel empowered to be in control of their health, not victimized.  

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