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FIT HIIT (30 min.)

The HIIT 30 class consists of short bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by active recovery (such as marching in place, a lower intensity move, etc) to challenge your system.

FIT Circuit (30 min.)

The FIT Circuit 30 class consists of 3 circuits with 4 exercises in each circuit.  There are also cardio blasts and flexibility and balance drills woven in between each circuit. 

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FIT Made Simple FAQ


  • Do I need any equipment? No, you can use 2 soup cans, 2 bottles of water, or bodyweight. BUT if you have weights, that is great. I want you to challenge yourself with as much resistance as you can tolerate for 30 minutes….you can do this! 
  • Will modifications be show? Yes, yes, and yes!  I always show options 
  • Do I have to be 50 to join the class? Nope - absolutely not. ANYone can join the workouts. 
  • Do I have to pay for each person in my home doing the workout? Nope - one payment per home/class. 
  • Do I have to turn on my camera screen in the ZOOM class? Belive it or not, NOPE to this! We have had some folks who didn’t want to be seen, and left the screen camera off, but took my class……:) You do YOU!
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