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For a lot of us, going to the gym to workout isn’t always convenient. 


This is where Fit Made Simple online fitness programs and classes come in!


You can do them any time of day or night, while traveling, or if you enjoy working out in a live group, we offer live Zoom workouts. 


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Programs for the 50+ population aren’t always easy to find.  You aren’t looking for a Crossfit workout, but you aren’t ready for Silver Sneakers yet. 


That's why I created Fit Made Simple virtual workouts - to help you stay active at your personal ability level.


Both my weekly and on-demand classes are tailored to women who are looking for a simple and age-appropriate approach to fitness.  They emphasize all of the necessary 'ingredients' for improving your health and vitality: core strength, balance, flexibility, and strength. 

Weekly Workout Classes


FMS offers 2 workouts that are very effective - HIIT and FITcircuit30. 


HIIT 30 - Short bursts of high-intensity (the definition of high-intensity is up to you) followed by active recovery (such as marching in place, a lower intensity move, etc) to challenge your system. 


FITcircuit30 - 3 circuits - 4 exercises each circuit- cardio blasts & flexibility/balance drills woven in between each circuit.  This workout covers it all: strength, hi intensity low impact (high impact options offered) cardio, core, balance, flexibility…..all rolled up in this 30 minute workout.  


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On-Demand Workouts


FIT Made Simple is dedicated to making fitness as convenient as possible for you!  For that reason, we will soon be offering on-demand workout videos that you can follow at your own convenience. 


Please check back here for more details, coming soon!

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